Merchants invited project docking go hand in hand

In order to open the city fair, the municipal government to carry out thematic research. According to the task arrangement, district and county governments, the relevant departments, has launched a full range of customer invitation and project docking.

this fair city plans to invite customers both inside and outside the province of 1000 people, including 100 foreign and overseas customers. At the same time, and actively invite the central United Front Work Department, the national industry and commerce association leadership, China glorious career, the National Federation of chamber of commerce is responsible for the professional people, Beijing, Tianjin and other 13 provinces (city) Association official and business representatives Guangcai autonomous region, in the green chamber of Commerce responsible person to participate in the exhibition. Feedback from all aspects of the situation, the merchants invited to work smoothly, there will be a number of well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad.According to the