Is cicada singing noise or natural sounds in summer? Expert: it’s not recommended to control if the density is not high

“the sound is sharp and harsh, a little disturbing the rest.”

“cicadas make the city have life” On the seventh day of June, the cicadas began to sing. There are two or three dusk in the deep leaves of Photinia Speaking of the feeling of summer, the sound of cicadas on the trees is indispensable. Recently, the weather in Chengdu is getting hotter, and the cicadas’ chirping among the trees is getting louder and louder. But this summer cicadas, some people think it is music, some people think it is trouble. Recently, a citizen called the network management platform of Chengdu City to report that the cicada (cicada) on the tree near his home was too loud, which had seriously disturbed the residents. Are cicadas singing on trees of


a summer movement or a disturbing noise? This matter has also aroused a lot of public discussion.


residents reported:

are very upset by cicadas’ chirp.

Mr. Han who lives in Jinniu District has been annoyed by cicadas’ chirping in recent days. “There are many cicadas on a big tree at the intersection of Shuhan road and Tongshan street in Jinniu District. The sound is too loud, and even made me have tinnitus.” So Mr. Han turned to the street office for help, “to see if there is any way to deal with these cicadas and control the cicadas.”

in this regard, the staff of chadianzi sub district office in Jinniu District said that it was difficult for them to take relevant measures to control cicadas. “The first thing we think about is spraying, but spraying has no significant effect on controlling the number of cicadas. Moreover, it is located in the downtown area, and spraying will affect the environment. Secondly, we also want to reduce the number of cicadas by pruning, but it’s summer now, and the sidewalk still needs shade from the sun. ” Therefore, the staff suggested that Mr. Han carry out noise reduction by closing doors and windows, “because cicadas are natural phenomena, we can’t interfere too much.”

reporters measured:

the highest decibel of cicada chirping is 77db.

in fact, in addition to the places reflected by Mr. Han, there are cicadas chirping in many places in Chengdu, and it can even be said that cicadas chirp almost everywhere where there are trees. So how many decibels of cicadas’ chirping have reached? On the afternoon of July 21, the reporter came to Qingyan street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu to measure the decibels of cicadas.

a tree in Qingyun South Street has heard the sound of cicadas chirping. The sound suddenly disappears and rings. The reporter has carried out many tests through the DB test app, which shows that the average DB is about 60dB and the highest DB is 77db.


in summer, cicadas sound quite loud, but we have never received complaints about cicadas. This is actually a normal natural sound, and most people don’t mind too much. ” Staff of Shuyuan Street sub district office in Jinjiang District, Chengdu, told reporters that they had never taken relevant measures against cicadas. “First, spraying pesticides will harm the organisms other than cicadas, and will also affect birds’ foraging on trees, and the entire ecological chain will be affected. Second, spraying will affect people’s living environment. Therefore, if the public really feel that cicadas chirp too much, they still suggest that they should take sound insulation measures. ”


cicadas chirp in our ears. Some people enjoy


, while others worry about


cicadas, which are the images the creators love to use. In ancient times, there was a quiet artistic conception of “the moon does not startle the magpie, and the breeze calls cicadas in the middle of the night”. Today, there is a lively scene of “on the banyan trees beside the pond, cicadas are singing the summer”. Cicadas chirp, some people think it is natural music, but others are disturbed by it. So how do citizens view cicada singing?

“is really noisy.” When it comes to cicadas’ chirping, Ms. Guo, a citizen of Chengdu, is very angry. She told reporters that at 7 a.m. last week, she was woken up by a very harsh “Zizi” sound. She thought it was the sound of some electrical appliances in the house, so she woke up her husband and asked him to have a look. Finally, she reflected that it was the cicada cry outside. Ms. Guo said that in response to cicada calls, she has bought two pairs of earplugs, “the sound is very similar to the machine, sharp and harsh, sooner or later in the call, really a little disturbing the rest.”

however, Ms. Liu, a citizen, thinks that the chirping of cicadas has added a trace of atmosphere to Chengdu’s summer. “One afternoon, I was at home holding a cat and eating a watermelon. There was cicada chirping outside the window. I felt like I was back in the long summer afternoon when I was a child. I felt very comfortable.” Ms. Liu said that the sound of cicadas makes her feel that the city has life. “The sound of cicadas makes me feel that the city is no longer cold, the city is no longer only reinforced concrete, but also has a natural flavor.”

“cicadas can’t be regarded as noise. How can natural sound be regarded as noise?” Mr. Lu, a citizen, said that he also thought it was comfortable to listen to the cicadas chirping, “and there are cicadas, which means that there are more trees. This is a good thing that urban greening is getting better and better.”

insect research experts:

if the density of cicada is not high,

do not recommend to take measures to control

. How to treat cicadas’ chirp depends on everyone. Some people think it is natural sounds, others feel it is harsh noise, which is all personal feelings. ” Zhao Li, curator of Huaxi insect museum in Chengdu, said that cicadas’ chirping is a unique sight in summer and will disappear by the end of August. At the same time, Zhao Li told reporters that according to the observation, the number of cicadas in Chengdu has increased steadily in recent years, which is also due to the better ecological environment in Chengdu.

Zhao Li told reporters that according to the measurement, the highest decibels of cicada chirping in Chengdu can reach 94 dB. Zhao Li said that as far as he is concerned, he thinks that unless the density of cicadas is very high and insect pests are formed, relevant measures should be taken to control the number of cicadas. “If the density is not high, it is not recommended to take measures to control them. After all, cicadas are also a kind of wild interest in the city.” If


form insect pests, it is necessary to control the number of cicadas, Zhao Li said, generally by catching young cicadas. “The effect is not good, because once the medicine is applied, the adults will fly away, and the number of them can not be reduced. So we can choose to catch young cicadas to control the number of cicadas